Full List Of Hostess Products You Will No Longer Be Able To Buy


Today Hostess went out of business due to an ongoing Baker’s Union strike.

Over 18,000 people lost their jobs today.

Dumb unions!!!

Here is a list of your favorite items you may never be able to buy again thank’s to the Baker’s Union.

Obama bails out banks and car makers, but can’t save Hostess? “To Big To Fail,” Mr. President. “To Big To Fail.” (This was meant as a joke, but judging by the comments no one seemed to get it. So just for the record I’m not in favor of any of the bailouts).

UPDATE: Hostess and union officials have agreed to private mediation in hopes to prevent liquidation. They failed

Sweet Snacks
Ding Dongs
Ho Hos
Sno Balls
Devil Dogs – Drake’s
Funny Bones – Drake’s
Ring Dings – Drake’s
CoffeeCakes – Drake’s
Blueberry Muffins – Drake’s
Yodels – Drake’s

Nature’s Pride
Home Pride
J.J. Nissen
Cotton’s Holsum
Bread du Jour


38 thoughts on “Full List Of Hostess Products You Will No Longer Be Able To Buy

  1. Yeah, dumb unions! Let’s get rid of them and all the “advancements” they gave us! Who needs a 40 hour work week, overtime pay, vacations, holidays, child labor laws, safe working environments, or any of that crap? Get one thing straight here-closing a factory or ceasing to make a product is NOT the decision of a union. The union simply protects and speaks for American workers. If Hostess would rather close a factory and lose profits than treat American workers unfairly, then THEY are responsible for the loss of that product.

    1. Well said Noel. And one other thing people need to start standing behind, if the company chooses to take the business out of the country, boycott the product. I am copying the list and assure you, it will not be in my shopping cart.

    2. Hostess had no choice in the matter. They are insolvent and were denied bankruptcy. The entire company is now closed. It’s not about closing *a* bakery, it’s about closing the entire company. It really is black and white, either the union capitulated allowing Hostess to renegotiate wages and make a step towards solvency or Hostess closed. In *this* case, the union literally chose to give up their jobs instead of taking a pay cut. The part I find most entertaining is a lot of them are now going to be making far less on unemployment than they would have with the cuts.

      Of course, mismanagement and greedy executives probably led to this point, but the union still had a simple dichotomy. Either capitulate, or the company closes.

      Hopefully one of the many interested bakeries will actually purchase the recipes and the name so we don’t have to figure out who has the best clone.

      1. …you do realize that at least 9 of the Hostess execs gave themselves a 60% to 100% raise as they filed for their 2nd bankruptcy? and the CEO gave himself a 300% raise? all while refusing to give an 8% raise to the bakers AND they stopped paying in to the employee pensions…they only owe $160,000,000 for that…

    3. No offense Noel. They did do a lot but I feel like the relevancy of Unions is kind of fading. Stereotypically Union Workers are lazy. This holds true with most of them that I have worked with from prominent company’s of the midwest, along with a survey I did in high-school of several truck drivers from several companies travelling in the Midwest. I have no clue why but if you show up a little before (10-15 min) break or lunch not one union worker will help you in 9 out of 10 factories. There are countless stories of people getting yelled at for working too hard in some factories 35 out of the 60 former/current factory workers I surveyed had stories like this. I was just fascinated while doing this survey about how bad it actually was. Now this was back in 2009, however if this still holds true I can’t really feel sorry for them.

  2. how dare he not bail out hostess after being beat down so badly for bailing out the auto industry…evil evil man, how dare he try to give people what they want and not repeat things that were unpopular by so many people…

  3. It’s not Obama’s fault that Hostess is closing it’s the greedy unions fault i don’t think he should bail Hostess out ( and for the record i am not an Obama fan in fact i think he is an ass and is running our country down the toilet ) the Hostess employees knew the trouble they were in and still they chose to go on strike there for it’s there mess let them deal with it.

  4. The union did not drive this company out of business Do some valid research! Mismanagement, overwhelming debt, and greed of upper management did.

  5. Why don’t they open a factory in Africa? :-). Its closer to the US than China, plenty of sunshine for solar energy, cheaper labour than China/ Mexico, and they all speak English there so no language barriers. Oh, i forgot, conservationists will opposes such a move…better wrestle with unions or mexican drug lords then.

  6. Pingback: Twinkies
  7. I can’t believe everyone tries to blame Obama for everything. The company went under because of the baker’s strikes. Try talking to the unions for a bailout.

    1. Actually, the company went under because they don’t sell enough twinkies. To compensate for the mismanagement of their brand, the managers are asking for the workers to pay by taking a pay cut. You can’t place all of the blame on the unions. How would you react if you were told that you had to take a massive pay cut because of the poor decisions of your management?

    2. It’s not just Obama; whoever is president at any given time is blamed for anything that happens at that time…people use the president as the scapegoat.

  8. who eats this sweet crap anyway? Most people I’ve asked say they cannot remember the last time they ate a Hostess sweet snack. Too bad they forgot to evolve their product line.

    1. LOL it’s not the union’s fault. Hostess had a ridiculous amount of debt and clear mismanaged their assets while the high-ups were getting bigger bonuses. Corrupt…

    2. That’s been my and my friends’ responses too. The epitome of Junk Food. I’ve been seeing this on FB today: “I wonder when the media will start reporting that while Hostess was trying to cut baker’s pay by 8% and benefits by 32%, the CEO gave himself a 300% raise (750,000 – 2,550,000), 9 executives received 60% to 100% raises WHILE filing their second bankruptcy. Meanwhile, they stopped paying into the employees pension, owing over 160 million dollars. But yeah, let’s blame the 18,000 workers making less than $20/hour for Hostess closing.” (Caveat: facts not checked… but would any of this surprise us?)

  9. How many years would YOU give up wages, benefits, again and again, while corporate bigshots continue their obscene salaries and receive bonuses? Now Hostess, in court to liquidate, is asking the judge to approve TWO MILLION DOLLARS in bonuses for Hostess execs. Shame on who Mr. Christian, shame on WHO?

  10. Unions, Obama, Apocalypse and/or Yankees have nothing to do with your resounding lack of Fried Twinkies. Do the research. The Union didnt get greedy, the big wigs did. The CEO gave himself a huge raise. Once they found that was a mistake, they tried to cut from workers. Once that failed, they did the blaming game. Honestly, at the end of the day, there are legal steps a company can take to have one or more Union members fired if they feel those workers arent doing their job properly.

    Obama doesnt care about any business if it doesnt help us, like the Banks, or that doesnt help him, like sponsorship partners. Hes not going to bail out Hostess just because we want him to. We can survive without Twinkies and Ho Hos. We cant survive without money and Banks.

    Hostess doesnt mean the Apocalypse is coming, it means a something happened within the chain of consumer/producer that either harmed their products or harmed their economic situation.

    Finally, Yankees/Northerners dont care about a Southern persons eating habits. They dont care if a Southerner eats Fried Twinkies. Northerners eat these things from time to time too Im sure.

    Now, with hopefully every reason, logical and possible, explained as to why Hostess is going out of business, people can move on with daily life and find another County Fair treat to eat, like Fried Butter or Fried Candybars.

    1. Both the executives and the unions are to blame. Both were greedy. At the end of the day though, it’s the unions who turned down the deal and forced the liquidation.

      And I know Obama won’t give a bailout to Hostess. It was supposed to be a joke. The whole post was a joke.

  11. If the new CEO and board of directors earn an annual salary of $1 a year, how is that being greedy on their part? Unions need to stop lining their pockets with outrageous union dues and let the workers take the money home where it can be put to better use.

  12. You missed Suzy-Qs. Two chocolate cakes with a cream filling between them. They’re really messy if you eat them at room temperature, but if you throw them in the freezer, they’re fantastic. Haven’t had one in years, but if the company gets pulled out of the hands of the horrid management, maybe they’ll surface again one day.

  13. Might as well get a song out of it. Well, here goes, to the tune of Golden Slumbers:

    Once there was a store,
    With Hostess Ding Dongs.

    Once there was a store,
    With Pink Sno Balls.

    Buy the last Ring Ding,
    Or Devil Dog,
    And make some toast with Nature’s Pride.

    Golden Sponge Cake
    Fills your size,
    Yodels end up on your thighs.

    Buy the last Ring Ding,
    Or Devil Dog,
    And make some toast with Nature’s Pride.

  14. Too many Takers…… period.

    We have better stop demonizing business, small business and industry (the are the makers). Yes Profits mean jobs. Being successful and the drive to be successful is what used to make America great. Workers should get paid for the value of their skills and no more. Better skills = better jobs = better benefits. Its and individuals responsibility to decide where they want to fit in the workforce. Of course there are the union jobs. If you get one your set and your motivation to succeed is optional. Unions are nothing more than organized groups who in many cases inadvertently hurt those individuals with the will to improve themselves in lives. At one time there was a need for unions. But in America we do have laws that protect the worker.

    I wish all the best for the newly unemployed Hostess workers… I hope all of you find employment soon and take this opportunity for find a better job based on sequestered skills many of you already have.

    Best of luck, fellow americans…

  15. All I have to say is that the bread aisle is practically empty. I didn’t realize who made my breads that I have been eating and now they are all gone. I don’t know about you but buying bread or peanut butter from mexico is a bad idea. They don’t have the sanitary standards we have here in the USA. Major recall of organic peanut butter, most samonella and e coli outbreaks come from there also. Our food needs to be manufactured in the USA to protect all of us and our children.

  16. All of the laws that protect workers are because Unions. Unions make up less than 14% of the entire workforce in America. Every one of you ignorant haters needs to understand that there is a middle class because of Unions. Without them, this nation will revert to the Rich and the Poor. We will all be forced to shop and work at Walmart! #scabs

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